final conference & workshops
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18 December 2020
Project 3D-IMP-ACT Final Conference

Final conference (09:00 - 13:00)

Workshops (13:00 - 15:00)


09:00 - Welcome greetings
Rector of Polytechnic of Bari (Prof. F. Cupertino); Rector of Polytechnic of Tirana (Prof. A. Maliqari); Director of Albanian National Institute for Cultural Heritage (Dr. A. Dollani); Director of Museum Centre of Puglia (Dr. A. Ciancio); Rector of University of Montenegro (Prof. D. Nikolić) Director of Department DMMM of Polythecnic of Bari (Prof. G. Carbone); Director of Department DICATECh of Polythecnic of Bari (Prof. U. Fratino); JS Financial Officer (Dr. A. Agrosì)
09:45 - Introduction
Prof. L.M. Galantucci - Project Coordinator
10:00 - 3DIMPACT web platform: towrad technical assesment and management of the architectural heritage
Prof. F. Fatiguso, PhD M. De Fino
10:15 - Photogrammetry and 3d printing for archaeological sites and museums: the experience of Egnazia
Prof. L.M. Galantucci, PhD M. Guerra
10:30 - Touching heritage in Albania
Prof. E. Piperi, Prof. I. Bodi
10:45 - Challenges of financial management issues in EU funding projects. Difficulties faced by Albanian institutions in absorbing funds
Phd E. Xhafka, Prof Ass. J. Teta
11:00 - Coffee break
11:15 - 3D-IMP-ACT experience of the National Institute for Cultural Heritage - Results and benefits
Dr. M. Plyku Demaj, Dr. K. Gjat
11:30 Cultural Heritage beyond physical boundaries and time - Apollonia of Illyria and its monumental values beyond time
Dr. O. Durmishaj
11:45 - Multidisciplinary projects and sustainable development
Dr. F. Galeandro, Dr. A. Ciancio, Dr. E. Torelli
12:00 - 3D modelling of the fortress of Medun in Montenegro
Prof. I. Rajkovic
12:15 - Final discussion
13:00 - Lunch break
15:00 - Creative workshop “Digital setting at Castle of Gioia del Colle. New video-mapping technologies: painting techniques, 3D objects and storytelling”
Paolo Gep Cucco, digital artist
16:30 - Creative workshop “Time machine: interactive art installation at National Archaeological Museum of Egnazia. The creative dialogue between archaeology and design: conceptual and materic development”
Emilia Serra, designer
16 December 2020
Final Conference and workshops poster
16 December 2020
Final Conference and workshops program