Castle of Gioia del Colle (Apulia, Italy)

21 December 2018
On-site investigation: Castle of Gioia del Colle (Apulia, Italy)

One of the goals of the “3D-IMP-ACT” project is the creation of virtual interactive tours of the pilot cases, with 360° photos, information, videos, 3D reconstructions and other innovative elements in order to enhance and diffuse the cultural values of Italy, Montenegro and Albania.
The immersive tours will be accessible from a Geographical Information Platform connecting each pilot case to the other, through real networks and virtual connections.

The Castle of Gioia del Colle (Apulia, Italy) is another pilot case identified in Apulia for 3D-IMP-ACT project. The picture shows some operative activities carried out for the acquisition of high-resolution images and 360° panoramas for the reconstruction of the Throne Hall, one of the cultural and historical value to be share and diffuse by 3D-IMP-ACT outputs.